Firas K. Shhady / MBA

Master Business Administration, MBA, Human Resource, Accounting, Excel, Access, Professional, Job Description.

Firas K. Shhady / MBA

Master Degree in Business Administration

Diploma in Human Resource Management

Hospital Management

Database Management 

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                                                                                                         فراس خضر شحادة

  • ماجستير إدارة الأعمال
  • دبلوم إدارة موارد بشرية
  • إدارة مستشفيات
  • إدارة وتصميم قواعد البياتات 

Experience                                                                                                       الخبرات

  • Hospital Management
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Administration Director
  • Project Manager
  •   خبرة في إدارة المستشفيات
  • إدارة الموارد البشرية
  • مدير إداري
  • إدارة المشاريع 

Skills                                                                                                                 المهارات

1.       Hospital management         

  1. Designing computerized workflow system for the organization.
  2. Conducting research and study on the work processes & systems.
  3. Increasing hospitals market share

2.       Human Resource manager

Adept in various functions of Human Resource Management (HRM) such as: 

  1. 1.     Recruitment – sourcing out of applicants for job vacancies, selection of candidates through effective interview and screening, manpower forecasting using scientific tools to predict the organization’s future manpower needs.

    2.     Training & Employee Development - designing training curriculum based on training needs & competency assessment and facilitating & conducting training programs.

    3.     Succession Planning and Career Development – conducting competency assessment and preparing succession plans using Microsoft Excel.

    4.     Performance Appraisal – designing performance measures and implementing the performance appraisal system.

    5.     Employee Benefits & Welfare – creating polices & compensation packages and administering employee benefits.

    6.     Policy Formulation - preparing polices and procedures for Human Resource Management like Dress Code, Leave of Absence, Performance Appraisal, Competency Assessment, etc.

    7.     Job Evaluation Program -  preparing job descriptions.

    8.     Human Resource Information System (HRIS) - excellent experience in designing HRIS using Microsoft Excel & Microsoft Access.

    9.     Forms Design – creating and designing forms to meet the organization’s needs.

3.       Project Manager                  

  1. a.     Preparing project plans and programs.

    b.     Managing project using Microsoft Excel.

    c.     Monitoring and meeting project schedules and deadlines.

    d.    Saving time and applying cost cutting techniques using advanced MS Excel techniques

4.      Administration Director     
  1. a.     Supervising the overall performance of the organization.

    b.     Establishing smooth workflow system to avoid bottleneck.

    c.     Establishing harmonious relationship with Heads of Departments (HODs) and associates.

    d.     Changing and applying leadership style based on the needs of the situation.

 5.     Extra Skills                          

  1.   CHBAHI Chapter Leader for Human Resource
       I have passed CBAHI quality accreditation with KIH Hospital 
  2. Excellent experience in designing accounting programs using MS Excel & MS Access.

    b.     Designing and conducting training programs like Saving Time with MS Excel & MS Access, Effective Leadership, Effective Communication, etc.)

    c.     Adept in Programming languages  like Visual Basic for Application, VB

    d.     Excellent experience in managing eFile project

    e.     Excellent communication skills both English and Arabic languages (with TOEFL of           480, and local TOEFL with 71%)

 6.     See Attachments                

Kindly refer to “Documents" page to check some solutions which I invented to solve some problems.



1.    Annual forum Num 11
       Titled "Managing Information in Globalization"
       Cairo, Ain Shams Univ. Dec 2006

2.    Academic thesis title "Knowledge management to improve health service quality"

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